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What Happens if Carpets are not Cleaned?

08/05/2014 Back To Blog

For some, having a carpet is satisfaction enough. Only the bare minimum of home carpet cleaning involved, keeping it for as long as it remains comfortable. While this might be routine for people with money to spend when it comes to rugs and other different types of flooring, not keeping your flooring maintained and cleaned regularly can spell disaster. There are some who would argue that the stains and dust don’t really damage the carpet’s use, with only its presentation being damaged overall. However, there are far more dubious consequences than you might have first thought.What Happens if Carpets are not Cleaned?

If rugs or flooring aren’t cleaned regularly, it will first collect dust

While this is all fine and good if it is completely left alone, it will also collect the dirt from anyone and everyone that walks on it. This dirt can come from all sorts of places, with people who use shoes or even their bare feet adding to the dust collecting on the mat. Even this is not too serious yet as we deal with this kind of dirt every day.

Unclean Carpets can be Potentially Dangerous

Eventually, without water restoration or products that have to do with stain removal and odor removal the carpet will begin to take on a more sinister color. The accumulated dust and dirt will overlap, caking the carpet in bacteria. This is often the breeding ground for what is to come next: mold. Leaving a carpet unclean for too long will eventually invite mold and this is when things get serious.

While there is still such a thing as mold removal products, if the flooring continues to be untreated, the mold can yield potentially dangerous bacteria. This in turn will eventually lead to those exposed by all the dirt and mold to get sick, or even worse. Keeping one’s carpet clean is always worth the effort.

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