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Find below practical answers for frequently asked questions on carpet cleaning.

If you are uncertain of the answers you possess, carpet cleaning can be a mess. This is the main reason why we gathered the most commonly asked questions, and created the best answers. Our company is genuinely interested in helping you, so come back for more!

Why does carpet cleaning require time and focus?

Carpet cleaning is very important to be carried out when you have the time to truly clean the fibers well. Regular vacuuming is great but not sufficient according to the experts of Carpet Cleaning Marina del Rey. Don't forget that crumbs, dirt, bacteria, germs and dust are mostly collected at the bottom parts of carpets. Stain removal requires patience because grimes are absorbed by piles and you only see the top of the iceberg.

Will the presence of pets affect carpet cleaning frequency?

The frequency of carpet cleaning would be determined by different parameters within each home and the presence of pets is definitely one of them. Pet hair is found all around the house. Pets leave behind them odors and their urination or dirt on carpets and sofas must be cleaned immediately to protect your health. In fact, pet stain & odor removal must take place as often as possible for the benefit of your health.

Why couches get so dirty?

Sofas are the most used furniture in every house or companies. Who wouldn't sit on their couch at least a few times a day! And we usually have a small snack or sip coffee. Sofa textiles get stained easily and dirt is gathered at the seams. Carpet Cleaning Marina del Rey suggests good cleaning at the crevices and stain removal.

Will my warranty be voided after carpet cleaning?

Some warranties may be voided by servicing your carpets, depending on the company from where you purchased your carpet. However, they are not usually strict as long as you follow the recommended method of cleaning the carpet. Take note of these details to play it safe.

Can door mats really help for keeping the carpet clean?

Yes, they can do a great job. You just have to pick the right ones. Opt for mats with bristles as they capture most of the dirt on shoe soles quite effectively and quickly. For best results, you should place mats on both sides of exterior doors. Remember to wash them frequently so that they can do their job well at all times.

Which sections of the sofa get the most dirt?

Dirt tends to accumulate in the thin gaps between the cushions and the backrest and armrests. The top section gets a great amount of dust. The cushions get dirty because of extensive use. It is important to vacuum the entire surface and then clean it with a safe product.

Carpet Cleaning Marina del Rey

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